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Welcome to Boulder Nebraska where our goal is to bring Progressive Boulder, Colorado values to Nebraska. We are not some group of Astroturfers that pretend to be progressive while they pick-up a paycheck. Some times being BOLD doesn't cut it. You have to be BOULDER!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Sorry folks, for being off for a week. I went back home to Colorado and helped on Michael Bennett's race to secure the Democratic nomination for the US Senate election this fall. I was so happy to see President Obama's choice beat President Clinton's candidate in this important race. You may be asking why this race in Colorado is important to Nebraskans? I believe that our Progressive candidates running here this fall should embrace President Obama like we did in Colorado and have him come here to energize the electorate. Imagine a Rally for Tom White with President Obama present in front of 10,000 energized voters. This would be a big boost for us Progressives and actually help give Tom White a huge momentum boost for this fall. What are your thoughts Progressive readers? Should the president come here and campaign?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


No readers, this is not an actual picture of Jane Flemming Kleeb. However, we have become more and more aware of an incident that may have occurred at the Adams County Fair the same day as our Democratic State Convention was being held in Columbus. Apparently, Democratic Delegate Kleeb decided not to attend the convention that day in order to be with her husband at his company's booth. Our source told us that Scott Kleeb's fair booth was right next to the local right to life chapter's booth and from what we could gather the exchange between the two booths got so heated that Ms. Kleeb may have been asked to leave the Adams County Fair. It is also alleged that security may have been involved.

Well Jane we support you on this one!!! If Jane was asked to leave, were the anti-choicers asked to leave as well. Also doesn't Jane have the right to express her pro-choice positions in the face of anti-choice zealots. We have given Jane a lot of grief in the past few weeks, but she may be in the right on this one. If anyone has more information on this alleged incident, please e-mail me.