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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Some people on Wednesday want to celebrate "Hump Day". However, because we are a Progressive Blog, we at Boulder Nebraska want to Celebrate "Hemp Day". We are tired of the Conservative mantra that all marijana is bad. Coming from Boulder, Colorado I can personally tell you that for medicinal purposes marijuana can be a savior for the ill and those that suffer from chronic pain.

This "Hemp Day" I want to thank Brian T. Osborn for having the Nebraska Democtratic Party adopt a resolution supporting the use of Medical Marijuana in Nebraska. The resolution stated "The Nebraska Democratic Party supports and promotes the legalization of medicinal marijuana." All of us that support the use of marijana should than Brian T. Osborn for getting the legalization of this important drug on Nebraska Democratic Party's political agenda.

THANKS BRIAN!!! - Mary Jayne Fields


  1. Democratic DelegateJuly 28, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    BTO was active and involved at the convention. Where was Jane Kleeb? That's right ditching her delegate duties to sell that energy crap of Scott's in Hastings!!!!

  2. Nice Work BTO, We are proud of you!!!! My aunt has cancer.

  3. Thank you for highlighting this important progressive issue. Where does Ms. Kleeb and the rest of the astroturfers stand on this vital healthcare issue? Seems they are not as BOLD as they wish us to believe. The real Mary Jane Fields is a true leader for taking on this delicate issue in this bastion of red conservatism. Ms Kleeb, join us and stop talking about your oil pipe and start talking about your hemp pipe!

  4. Douglas County DemocratJuly 28, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    I'm sure Jane supports medical marijuana. Jane Kleeb is one of the most compassionate persons I know. You Boulder People leave her alone!

  5. I probably should have added another resolution, one wherein the NDP should support and promote the legalization of growing industrial hemp, a.k.a. "ditchweed." My past representative to the Nebraska Unicameral, Republican Sen. Ed Shrock, has been promoting this for some time now. This could be a truly bi-partisan campaign.

    Industrial hemp has countless uses as an agricultural product. It would also be much more environmentally friendly and less of an impact on the water usage in South Central Nebraska. Hemp produces fiber and oils that can be converted to a plethora of industrial and pharmaceutical products. During WWII it was produced in massive quantities for the war effort.

    The original draft of the U.S. Constitution, before it was transcribed onto parchment, was drawn up on paper produced from hemp. William Randolph Hearst, owner of most of the wood pulp paper production in the Pacific Northwest and publisher of newspapers across America in the last century, lobbied to have hemp made illegal so that the value of his own product would be secure.

  6. There are a variety of reasons why industrial hemp should be produced in Nebraska. It could spawn numerous new manufacturing and cottage industries. Arizona is already ahead of the curve on this:


    Let's have Nebraska lead the way on this, rather than doing as it usually does and finding itself a day late and a dollar short.

  7. Hey Alex Andersonis back!!! Welcome back Alex!!!!

  8. We never censor. We never boot. We never cancel. We never loot. But if you ever cross us, your posts you'll never see, Facebook won't know you, and you can bet on that from me. -- Jane Fleming Kleeb, 2010

  9. I'm pretty sure Jane smokes anything that comes her way. She's 38 going on 68.

    Mr. Clooney